Profile 1The main mission of my Thirty One business is to Scatter Kindness.

I am looking for women to join my team… BE-YOU-tiful Butterflies

YOU can’t be beautiful without being YOU -Chloe Klingler, 15 year old young lady

Sooooo….  BE-YOU-tiful!

I am a mommy, 26 year educator, and love Thirty-One products and their GIVES Program.  It is my goal to empower women and young girls near and far with beauty and confidence.  Women are strong individuals giving of themselves daily to their families, children, friends, and their careers.

Did you Know?

  • On average, a girl’s self-esteem peaks at age 9
  • 50% of all mental illness starts by age 14
  • Girls are 2X as likely as boys to suffer from depression and eating disorders

My Charity:  Cinch Sacs for 6th Grade Girls  I am an educator in the highest poverty school in Spokane, Washington.  We have the highest homeless, ELL, and refugee populations in my community.  Each 6th grade girl in my school will receive a cinch sac with personalization, filled with butterfly themed school supplies, and be invited to be part of the “BE-YOU-tiful Butterflies in Bloom” Club.  We will meet weekly creating projects Scattering Kindness throughout our school and community.  My heart is to see this take flight in other schools…

My heart for Educators: There is a special place in my heart for educators.  They dedicate themselves to our children daily giving hours over and above expectations.  Part of my mission in my business is to help others bless an educator and find the perfect gift for him/her and put a smile on their face.

Join Me: I would love for you to join me in spreading the “Kindness Matters” message. If you would like to be part of my team, support my charity, or order a high quality, personalized product… Give me a Flutter. (Contact Me)

With Brave Wings She Flies…