With Brave Wings We Fly


Here we are.

Facing the year 2017.

The path our lives take us is often not quite what we thought it would be.


As I reflect upon this past year and where life finds me at a half century old, a few key quotes and words continue to surface.  The first is a quote I heard in July and has motivated me to look at the small things and what potential they have in making a huge difference.

It is said the small flutter of a butterflies’ wings can create a typhoon halfway around the world.

love-is-always-the-answerDo you remember the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”?  This past couple of weeks, the thought of this story has come to me often in relation to this quote.  We often think our lives are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  However, this is the farthest from the truth.  Think about an angel showing you the world without you in it.  The realization of all the little things you were part of and made a ripple in someone else’s life is the typhoon.

My message to every single one of you is:  YOU Matter.  YOUR life matters.  Dig deep inside of yourself and find all the small acts you do everyday that make a difference in other’s lives… Whether it is in your children, grandchildren, a neighbor, a teacher, a friend, or a stranger… continue to reach out and spread your wings.


still-becomingSome of you do not even realize when you are impacting others.  I think of Lisa, a colleague in a former school I taught.  She transferred to another school.  I’ve since done the same.  We haven’t spent hardly any time together, yet I’ve watched her life and message from afar. A breast cancer survivor, she made it her mission to “Choose Joy”.  I am sure she has her days and her struggles, as we all do, yet she spreads endless joy often and supports many with her positive outlook and love.

I encourage you to reach out and spread your wings.  Life is a process.


tons-of-butterfliesI just read today a story from another kind soul named Carolyn.  Once a month she goes to the dollar store and spends $25.00 on a small bag and fills it with toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, crackers, gloves, socks, etc… and then gives this to who is placed on her heart as she drives in her community.

There are so many small acts like the above we all can be part of… I encourage you to reach out and spread your wings.


lion-with-butterflyAbout three years ago I entered into the world of Educational Activism.  I was a bit scared to take the step.  It pained me to witness the shifts in education and the emphasis on testing. I began to write and research around this topic, spoke at Senate Hearings, went to Town Hall Meetings, wrote Legislators, and wrote my school board among other things.  At times it was grueling.  If you’d like to learn more about this topic, you can find my education website at: http://www.divinesparkignites.com

Each of you have something in your heart or see something in our world needing a change.  Speak out.  YOUR voice matters.  Act. Reach out and spread your wings.



The image of the butterfly will continue to hover in my mind. It’s not just for its divergent beauty… more… it’s for the symbolism it represents.  Life is about change.

I’m striving to learn to embrace change and accept differences… even in my own home.  There are days when the alarm goes off, I want to stay wrapped up in my covers and put the pillow over my head.  The routine seems overwhelming, the effort too much, and I sigh.

Then I put one leg on the floor, then the other, and begin my day.  There is a son waiting for me, a husband who loves me, children at my school who need encouragement, dynamic teachers who need my support, friends who need a hug, and family relationships to foster.

And then there is me…  I count too.  So do you.  We must find the sweet spot called “BALANCE”.  How?   This is the challenge… maybe the greatest one of all.  Finding time for ourselves to rejuvenate so we can be the Brave Butterfly.


The first is to read the book: “The Butterfly Effect”.  I heard the author Andy Andrews speak and his inspiring message about how each of our lives matter inspire me to flutter my wings.

my-whyThe second is filling “My Why” Zipper Pouch.  When I need to be reminded about what matters most, I will look within and smile.  As of now, I have a picture, a butterfly craft made by a 6th grade girl, and a one dollar bill.

Finally, I hope to spend time with a new friend, Zoe, and make a Vision Board.  We are going to get tons of magazines and start cutting and pasting.  My goal is to complete it by end of January.  I will be sure to share when it is complete.

My question now:  In 2017, how will you “Choose Joy”, “Scatter Kindness”, and “Spread YOUR Brave Wings”?


With Brave Wings I’m Flying,


Snip_Bottom of BC



The BE-YOU-tiful Butterflies Club is Bloomin’

It is said, “The Flutter of a Butterflies Wings can Create a Typhoon Half Way Around the World.”

The 6th Grade Girls have received their Butterfly Cinch Sacs and spent the first Day of School decorating their spiral notebooks with butterfly stickers.


It ended up being a wonderful 30 minute experience near the end of the day on the first day of school.  My son and mother were able to be there to make it all possible.


The girls enjoyed this time and and were excited to hear about the new club forming. cinch-sac-day-4


My son excited to be a part!




On the first day of the Club, October 3rd, the girls watched a video about the statistics regarding confidence, self image, and mental health in young girls.  The quote was also shared:

“The flutter of a butterflies wings can create a typhoon half way around the world”

We then launched into looking at different butterflies and brainstorming words describing their beauty.

Colorful, different, unique, free, etc… were just a few of the words the girls came up with.

In celebration of the uniqueness of each butterfly we launched into our first project. The girls designed half of a butterfly and cut it out along a folded piece of paper.  They next painted one side and experimented with color.  The butterflies were folded and rubbed to create a symmetrical effect.  These will be hung in a stairway leading up to the 2nd floor of the school.


The girls became fascinated with how the colors mixed and using paints.  One young Butterfly started experimenting on black paper while she waited.  The girls became more fascinated leading us to study the idea of abstract paintings and researched famous painters who utilized this technique.

Next, the girls began their own abstract paintings.  These will be hung in a secondary stairwell in our school.



Our most recent project is creating “Kindness Grams” for the Educators in our Building.  The girls will be delivering 50 of these to the educators in the school before Thanksgiving Break.  Educators make a difference in our lives, and the girls will be letting every teacher know how much.



It is with a full heart I write about what a handful of 6th grade girls are accomplishing for the world.  They give me hope as I spend time with them every Monday from 3:15 – 4:15 and watch them flutter their wings and blossom into the future.

The 2nd Newsletter being sent to the 51 sponsors can be viewed here:  newsletter-2

With Brave Wings She Flies,


The Flutter of Wings… Thank you to 51 Honorary Sponsors

Snip_Top of BC

I would like to thank each and every sponsor for helping this 6th Grade Cinch Sac Project take flight.

51 Cinch Sacs have been ordered!

This allots $7.50 per cinch sac to be spent filling it with school supplies for each 6th Grade Girl.  BUDGET:  51 x $7.50 = $382.50 plus a $4.00 cash donation.

Total Budget for inside the Cinch Sac:  $386.50!

The Winner!

Each Honorary Sponsor will be receiving a quarterly newsletter updating them on the project as well as a receipt for their contribution.  Stay tuned to this Blog Link for inspiring stories about the girls touched by this project.

I am sending out a HUGE thank you to each Honorary Sponsor and look forward to keeping in touch.

With Brave Wings She Flies,


Snip_Bottom of BC


The Flutter of Small Wings… “BE-YOU-tiful Butterflies in Bloom”

The Butterfly Effect

It is said, “The flutter of a butterflies wings can create a typhoon.”

Andy Andrews wrote the book, The Butterfly Effect.  He also wrote a wonderful book called, The Traveler’s Gift. Both of these books are on my reading list for this summer.  I got a small glimpse through the window of Andy’s presentation last week at a conference I attended.  I realized lil’ ole me could flutter my small wings and make a difference.

My Heart Aches

I am a educator in one of the highest poverty schools in Spokane, Washington.  We have the highest homeless population and the highest number of refugees.  Our system thinks the solution is to get these children “College and Career Ready”.  It’s not that I am opposed to having children be prepared for college.  However, I do think we may be putting the flight before the chrysalis.  The youth in my school need what matters most…  Love, acceptance, encouragement, and the unconditional belief in them as individuals.

Did You Know?

  • *On average, a girl’s self-esteem peaks at age 9
  • * 50% of all mental illness starts by age 14
  • *Girls are 2X as likely as boys to suffer from depression and eating disorders

*Sources: National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey, 2010; National Comorbidity Survey Replication-Adolescent Supplement, 2010; NIMH, Mental Illness Exacts Heavy Toll: Beginning in Youth, 2005.

How can you help and become part of the flutter of small wings?

I’m looking for 45 people who are willing to order and pay for one Butterfly Cinch Sac.  My goal is to gift these Cinch Sacs to each 6th Grade Girl in my high poverty school next year and start a BE-YOU-tiful Butterflies in Bloom Club.  (Trademark and Copyright being worked on currently).  I will be meeting with the 6th grade girls and volunteering my time after school once a week.

Scatter KindessMy dream is to infuse the arts and involve the girls in promoting kindness throughout the school.  We will brainstorm together how their lives can make a difference in the school community and beyond.  I hope to inspire them to find their wings.

The theme of theBE-YOU-tiful Butterflies in Bloom” Club will be to Scatter Kindness.


The small flutter of wings can make a difference!

Will you help me create a typhoon starting with just one school?Blog Post Winner

  • Cinch Sac: $20.00
  • Personalization: $10.00
  • Total:$30.00 (plus shipping and tax) = $35.22
  • Included in price: $7.50 of school supplies placed in each cinch sac. (Butterfly theme)

How To Order:

  • Contact:  Raschelle R. Holland (Raz)
  • Independent Thirty One Consultant
  • Phone or Text: 509-860-4475
  • Email: divinesparkignites@yahoo.com

I take each order personally through my Thirty One Business:  “BE-YOU-tiful Butterflies”

With Brave Wings She Flies,