The Flutter of Wings… Thank you to 51 Honorary Sponsors

Snip_Top of BC

I would like to thank each and every sponsor for helping this 6th Grade Cinch Sac Project take flight.

51 Cinch Sacs have been ordered!

This allots $7.50 per cinch sac to be spent filling it with school supplies for each 6th Grade Girl.  BUDGET:  51 x $7.50 = $382.50 plus a $4.00 cash donation.

Total Budget for inside the Cinch Sac:  $386.50!

The Winner!

Each Honorary Sponsor will be receiving a quarterly newsletter updating them on the project as well as a receipt for their contribution.  Stay tuned to this Blog Link for inspiring stories about the girls touched by this project.

I am sending out a HUGE thank you to each Honorary Sponsor and look forward to keeping in touch.

With Brave Wings She Flies,


Snip_Bottom of BC



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